Cherry ladies & The pretty boy

  • on Friday, August 27, 2010
  • An unfinished tiny painting with ladies under a cherry tree. Acrylics and black pen used. Also a pretty boy, curles included.


    Kamille said...

    Very nice. I especially love the pretty boy. I love his curlies. Also, it is very nice how you drew highlights on dark paper.

    KatiBear said...

    I have no idea why but the last drawing reminds me of my mum when I was growing up. Hehe. Although I know it's meant to be a boy :) I love the style of this maria <3

    M.Ström said...

    Ill say to you two and anyone who reads comments, that I drew this was boringly watching Twilight. So I think a certain vampire boy was in mind. See the broody sad eyebrows? Yeah thats his :P

    And THANK YOU! both <3

    Drawing light on dark paper is magic. Try it!

    Filip Rojas Rosenqvist said...

    I really like this. It would be fun to collaborate on something sometime. =D

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