Capercaillie Girl

  • on Thursday, August 26, 2010
  • The capercaillie is from a cover from a swedish environmental protection paper cover. When I sketched out the girl I had Kati in mind, so this is for you luff.


    Kamille said...

    Wohoo! I am so happy to have found your beautiful blood. I have been watching you on deviantart for years now. It is really neat to see more of your drawings.

    This is lovely!

    M.Ström said...

    Thank you intensly much m'lady

    KatiBear said...

    I've only really had chance to comment on this now. But you are absolutely wonderful missy. I can't think of a nicer thing. I've totally saved this to my comp <3 I adore it because it's just so different. Keep on being fantastic at what you do Maria <3

    M.Ström said...

    I think Ill have more works dedicated to you lady, just thinking about you is inspirational <3

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