Seaside suburbs

  • on 7.13.2014

  • Quickie in CSP to test brushes and my landscaping abilites.


  • on 6.22.2014

  • Cervidae Centaur

  • on 4.14.2014

  • The thing about shadows.

  • on 4.09.2014

  • Roof sitter

  • on 3.20.2014
  • No sketch process, just a lot of layers & corrections. Here's Roof sitter.

    Pussy Willow

  • on 3.12.2014
  • A first quickie in Clip Studio Paint to sort of figure out the program. I brought home a bouquet of these yesterday & my american friend let me know the most wonderful name they have in english. I could not resist.

    Sister of awesome on unicat.

  • on 3.06.2014

  • It's my sisters birthday today. So I gave her a unicat.

    Also I've got a Intuos Pro M now. It. Is. Divine.

    Andy as an owl

  • on

  • Purple braid

  • on 2.21.2014
  • 2014 coming at ya peeps! I will make no promises on updating this blog because such a statement in the past has always resulted in a year of silence (or kittens, but who can say no to kittens right?). Picking up the Wacom Bamboo again to try some digital drawing to decide whether I should upgrade to a bigger tablet or if this really just isn't for me. Still using Photoshop Cs5 because I know it by heart and are to comfortable to get into Clip Studio Paint yet.

    This is Purple braid, and it was a lot of fun to do;


  • on 9.01.2013
  • So instead of showing you any art Ive been up to Im going to share some portraits of a bunch of kittens I had the fortune of hanging out with yesterday. Taken with my cellphone camera I refused to upload them first at instagram or facebook because that always mock up the quality and you need to see as much of this kitten delight as possible.