Cervidae Centaur

  • on 4.14.2014

  • The thing about shadows.

  • on 4.09.2014

  • Roof sitter

  • on 3.20.2014
  • No sketch process, just a lot of layers & corrections. Here's Roof sitter.

    Pussy Willow

  • on 3.12.2014
  • A first quickie in Clip Studio Paint to sort of figure out the program. I brought home a bouquet of these yesterday & my american friend let me know the most wonderful name they have in english. I could not resist.

    Sister of awesome on unicat.

  • on 3.06.2014

  • It's my sisters birthday today. So I gave her a unicat.

    Also I've got a Intuos Pro M now. It. Is. Divine.

    Andy as an owl

  • on

  • Purple braid

  • on 2.21.2014
  • 2014 coming at ya peeps! I will make no promises on updating this blog because such a statement in the past has always resulted in a year of silence (or kittens, but who can say no to kittens right?). Picking up the Wacom Bamboo again to try some digital drawing to decide whether I should upgrade to a bigger tablet or if this really just isn't for me. Still using Photoshop Cs5 because I know it by heart and are to comfortable to get into Clip Studio Paint yet.

    This is Purple braid, and it was a lot of fun to do;


  • on 9.01.2013
  • So instead of showing you any art Ive been up to Im going to share some portraits of a bunch of kittens I had the fortune of hanging out with yesterday. Taken with my cellphone camera I refused to upload them first at instagram or facebook because that always mock up the quality and you need to see as much of this kitten delight as possible.


    The Fellah Who Lost His Hand

  • on 1.07.2013

  • The Town

  • on 11.15.2012
  • A little something who turned from a doodle into something else. The only things that are not freely drawn directly with black pen are the branches. Otherwise it's Micron all the way.