Space ships travel tie

  • on Monday, January 09, 2012
  • Got some new supplies which included a new hardback Moleskine. Sturdier paper for the fucking win! This means I can draw on both sides without it bleeding through like it did in my old sketch Moleskine. I also got some Faber-Castell pitt artist pens and a six piece selection of Micron pens. All from the awesome gift-certificate I got from my mum as a birthday present. Sometimes I wonder if I love buying artist supplies more than using them. It's phenomenal.

    Here's my first go at it. Another one of them I-have-no-idea-what-Im-going-to-draw-so-this-happened moments. I guess I found the motif where all artists take a dip now and again, the pool. (I think I got that from Stephen Kings "Liseys Story", he was refering to authors - but they are artists to.)

    Click it for a slightly bigger view,


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