Space flight

  • on Thursday, January 12, 2012
  • Indulged a wee bit more in black and slowed down the Micron mini pen use to see what happened. It started with his mask and ended with that fluid space thingie he's flying from.

    And as always, click it for a bigger view,


    Zyzanna said...

    his mask is slightly creepy. I like the use of blacks! I am always afraid of drawing on a spread because of the crease in the middle.

    M.Ström said...

    Dont be afraid of the spread! I kind of was in the beginning to, but dont give the spread any attention and it wont bite. If its a moleskine you can flatten the pages quite well, my pen only slipped a little.

    Either that or use the crease for something in the picture ^^

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