Autumn in Never Forever

  • on Tuesday, December 06, 2011
  • This is a quick paraphrase of one of my favorite album covers of all time: Kate Bush 'Never for Ever'. Nick Price is the man behind the artwork and I advice you to check him out. Phenomenal artist!

    My dad, who has great taste in music, had the LP record and Ive always drooled over it. I was a fan after only having seen it on the web but in real life it is so much greater. So recently he decided to sell of his LP collection, and I got to take this jewel home with me. Ive had it in the window in front of my computer desk/dining table since then. When I move it will get a great spot on the wall, its such a huge inspiration in anything concerning art I do.

    So one evening I sat down with this black piece of passepartout board and white coal pencils and had no idea what I was gonna draw. I started with the leaves at the bottom with no aim whatsoever and then it just grew from there. The woman and wind was added last, and as you can see her pose is basically directly taken from the album cover.

    Its gotten a bit more smudged than I wanted to since then, but I just blame it all on the wind.


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