2005 Café Fix

  • on Friday, June 18, 2010
  • Random doodlings from café Fix near my upper secondary school. Good big tea mugs. This was done when I was spending some creative alone-time there. And yus, the first two are portraits of random people sitting about. At the bottom = Peoplebeer = Folköl.


    KatiBear said...

    My favourites have to be, The Cat, The female (Egypy inspired?) typed woman, and I love the reflections on the 'hanging woman', you did such a good job on that!. Oh oh and I also adore in the '2005 small' post, the first image, it's really adorable, yet sad.

    And I love the fact that the 'badly worded rant poem' is the way it is, it makes it far more interesting than if it were correctly spelt or what have you!

    Although these are old, it doesn't make them any less great, I can't wait to see more <3

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